About the Polish Press Agency Foundation (Fundacja PAP)

20.10.2017 update: 20.02.2020

The Polish Press Agency Foundation (Fundacja PAP) was created in 2016. The main goals of the Foundation are, among other things, to promote culture, science and sport in Poland through mass and foreign media.

The Foundation falls under the legal remit of the Culture Minister, whose duties include protecting the country’s national and cultural heritage. 

In addition to publishing informative, promotional and educational topics, the Foundation also engages in research. 

The Foundation cooperates with scientific institutions both at home and abroad, as well as local government bodies and economic institutions. It also supports the activities of individuals and institutions carrying out work in line with the Foundation’s goals. 

The Foundation was established by a joint-stock company under the name of Polska Agencja Prasowa Spółka Akcyjna and the bodies of the Foundation consist of the Foundation Council and the Foundation Board. 

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Polish researchers investigate causes of long COVID

The lack of antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus doubled the risk of the so-called long COVID, an inter-university team of Polish scientists found. This discovery, which requires further confirmation, could potentially open new avenues for the prevention and treatment of this disorder.