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  • Adobe Stock, Warta

    Condition of surface waters in Poland is rather bad, just like in the West, says ecohydrologist

  • 08.12.2023. Konrad Maj, a social psychologist. PAP/Marcin Obara

    Technology is increasingly stressful for people, says psychologist

  • Joint European Torus (JET) fusion reactor. © United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

    Breakthrough achievement in JET fusion reactor

  • Adobe Stock

    Polish researchers build ice battery

  • Adobe Stock

    Planets form everywhere and are very common, says Toruń astronomer

  • The six planets of the HD110067 system form an interesting geometric pattern resulting from their resonance. Source: © CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, Thibaut Roger/NCCR PlanetS

    Cheops satellite discovers unusual system of planets

  • Vibrio vulnificus. Credit: Adobe Stock (Giovanni Cancemi).

    Vibrio vulnificus infections mainly threaten older people with wounds on their bodies

  • Heart model, AI-generated image. Credit: Adobe Stock

    Professor Mateusz Hołda: The discovery of the importance of the septal pouch is important but not new

  • Credit: Adobe Stock

    The future of superconductors is a huge mystery, says Polish Academy of Sciences expert