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Late Bronze Age treasure found in the field near Chojnice

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28 objects from the Late Bronze Age have been discovered by a farmer during field work near Chojnice (Pomerania). The artefacts found their way to the museum. The farmer - discoverer can count on a reward.

The discovery was announced on December 16 by the spokesman for the Pomeranian Conservator Office, Marcin Tymiński. He explained that the treasure consists of three axes with sleeves and handles, a chisel, spearhead, fragments of a spiral brooch and bracelet, as well as numerous items that were parts of a horse harness, including six ornamental plates, bells and other items that once ornamented the part of the harness called the bridle.

All the objects have been found in the village of Charzykowy, and come from the late Bronze Age - approx. 900-700 BC. Barbara Zagórska, director of the Museum of History and Ethnography in Chojnice, to which the conserver transferred the treasure, told PAP that such objects are characteristic of the Lusatian culture.

"According to the archaeologists who saw these objects, finding this type of objects in the southern tip of Pomerania is very rare. Such items are more commonly found in Lubusz and Szczecin Land. They will be truly unique for our collection" - Zagórska told PAP.

She added that in the vicinity of Chojnice more frequent were finds from a slightly later period than the Bronze Age, including the Roman era - especially from the 2nd century AD. "We have a very interesting collection of objects from this period, including unusual Roman vessels and objects from a Roman princess tomb: beads, fibulas and other ornaments, even a dress fragment; those items were found in Leśno near Chojnice" - said Zagórska.

Director Zagórska explained that the items from Charzykowy are in various states of preservation: some are well preserved, others require immediate conservation treatment. Because the museum in Chojnice does not have a conservation studio, so the objects will be entrusted to external specialists, with whom the museum cooperates. Zagórska hopes that the work will be completed next and the treasure can be exhibited in the museum.

Bronze Age treasure has been found by a farmer carrying autumn work in the field. Objects were found in November, but the curators and Pomeranian conservator decided to wait with the announcement in the media until the field is studied by archaeologists.

Antique objects were in a tight cluster, and archaeologists have not found other valuable things in the vicinity. In the opinion of experts, this leads to the conclusion that the treasure was hidden by someone and - for some reason - forgotten.

Tymiński emphasised that immediately after the discovery the finder notified the Pomeranian Conservator Office. "We will submit a request for a cash reward for him to the Ministry of Culture" - said the spokesman, and added that the reward amount is determined by the ministry, but "it is possible that a find of such importance will justify a several thousand zlotys reward or higher". (PAP)

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