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Eco-friendly idea for reusable parcel packaging scoops national award

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An idea to make reusable packaging with 'green' polymers as a way of minimising waste has been awarded in a nationwide competition.

The brainchild of students Piotr Długosz and Jacek Organiściak at the University of Lodz, the packaging which is durable, resistant to environmental conditions and easy to process, was put forward as a solution to unnecessary waste paper, plastic and bubble wrap found in parcels. 

The Production Management and Engineering students said: “The packaging also includes a stabilization system that eliminates the currently used fillers. The only disposable element of the packaging will be a security seal, also made of recyclable materials.

“We noticed a big problem with transport packaging left after the couriers' visit. It is especially visible now, when brick-and-mortar stores are closed due to the pandemic. 

“This is evidenced by overflowing paper and plastic waste containers. Reusable courier parcel packaging would eliminate this problem: we would receive only the ordered product without unnecessary materials.”

The idea was awarded in the 4th edition of the national Stena Circular Economy Award - Circular Economy Leader competition.

The jury of the competition evaluated a total of 57 projects, including 18 in the student category 'CE  Implementation Proposals’.

The eco-friendly project supervised by the university’s Anna Kozieł as part of the packaging design course.

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