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Polish company completes space weather forecasting project for ESA

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Polish tech company Creotech Instruments has completed work on a model of application of cloud-based solutions in space weather forecasting. The project recipient is the European Space Agency (ESA).

'Together with our partners, we have completed a project for the ESA that is of key importance in predicting solar weather, which is significant in the context of problems with satellite and radio communications', says Creotech's CEO Grzegorz Brona, quoted the company's press release.

Creotech's partners in the TellTale project are the Space Research Centre PAS and CloudFerro, a provider of cloud solutions. TellTale was commissioned by the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) of the European Space Agency. 'The project was delivered in response to demand for more effective forecasting of the ionosphere weather and for methods to nullify interference with radio signals caused by solar storms', the representatives of Creotech Instruments report.

Brona explains that solar storm-related disturbances in the ionosphere can disrupt communications by damaging telecom satellites or energy infrastructure. 'With the development of technology, the negative impact of similar phenomena increases, as does the importance of research on emerging phenomena', he adds.

According to the release, if swiftly and properly interpreted, the data obtained from ionoprobes help predict disruptions in radio communications. 'Under the TellTale project, a model of a cloud platform has been created, designed to optimise and process data, as well as forecast space weather in real time', we read in the release. The cloud infrastructure also enables various entities to share data, calculations, processes and other resources.

'The TellTale cloud platform is also capable of converting raw measurement data and calculations using efficient virtual machines, and generating forecasts in the form of diagrams and alerts', Creotech reports. This improves the processing and analysis of data from multiple sources, 'by introducing algorithms to the data and reducing the overall processing cost'.

Creotech Instruments is a Polish provider of space technology as well as specialized electronics and equipment for applications including quantum computers, quantum cryptography, quantum physics and high energy laboratories. The company has supplied equipment for 26 space sector projects, including 14 space missions, four of the carried out for the European Space Agency (ESA). (PAP)

author: Magdalena Jarco

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