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Polish computer science student admitted to doctoral studies at eight top US universities

Michał Gerasimiuk. Credit: Akademia Ivy Poland Michał Gerasimiuk. Credit: Akademia Ivy Poland

Michał Gerasimiuk, a graduate of the High School No. 2 in Białystok and a Yale student, has been admitted to doctoral studies at eight top US universities.

The universities where the Polish student can obtain a doctoral degree include Harvard, Stanford and Yale, as well as: UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, University of Michigan and The University of Texas at Austin.

As a second-year high school student, Michał received a Prime Minister scholarship for the 2017/2018 school year for outstanding progress in learning. Earlier, as a junior high school student, he was a laureate of the English Language Olympiad for high school students. He currently is a fourth year student at Yale University (USA).

Now he faces a difficult choice of future academic career path. He said: “The number of universities is not that important to me. What mattered was whether I would get the opportunity to work with people whose scientific achievements were of interest to me - although it is nice to get confirmation from so many renowned faculties that my experiences and ideas are valuable.”

The young computer scientist is a consultant at Ivy Consultants Academy - a company that supports and promotes the education of Polish students at the best European and American universities, helps students apply to universities and develop their professional careers.

Krzysztof Daniewski, Managing Director at Ivy Consultants Academy said: “Michał's extraordinary achievement shows that with hard work and determination you can achieve international success. His abilities, perseverance and passion for science will certainly be valuable for any university he chooses to continue his education at the doctoral level. This is a huge success, hardly anyone gets into so many universities!” (PAP)

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