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Polish students win the GOMAC 2018

Photo: Fotolia
Photo: Fotolia

Students from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the University of Economics in Poznań took the 1st place in the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC) 2018.

The students prepared and ran a 3-week online marketing campaign for, Poland`s first auction platform that allows real-time bidding for purchase and sale of energy as part of group reverse auctions. According to the Adam Mickiewicz University press section, during the competition the students prepared Pre-Campaign, Post-Campaign and Google Data Studio reports.

The winning team consists of the captain - Mateusz Halicki from the University of Economics in Poznań and Dawid Śliwiński, Sebastian Jastrzębski and Aleksander Kempa from Adam Mickiewicz University. The team`s supervisor is Dr. Wojciech Czart from Adam Mickiewicz University. In the previous round, the team was the best in Europe and advanced to the finals, the results of which were announced earlier this week.

Only students under the supervision of professors associated in the Global Online Marketing Academics (GOMA) could participate in this year`s GOMAC. GOMA members are over 100 professors of online marketing and online technologies from around the world, including members of the Google OMC Global Academic Panel and professors from GOMC Academics. GOMAC 2018 attracted students from the best universities, who in previous years held the top positions in the world and region, in the final Top 5 and semi-final Top 15 GOMC.

Another team of Poznań students have already begun preparations for the next edition of the GOMAC. They will prepare and run an online campaign for the German company IBS GMBH GEO-CAD that offers an accommodation booking system for employees in countries including Poland and Germany.

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