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Scientists have developed a groundbreaking method of treating wounds in animals

Photo: PAP 2015 / Maciej Kulczyński Photo: PAP 2015 / Maciej Kulczyński

A hydrogel accelerating the regeneration of wounds for animals, containing an active growth agent, has been developed at Vet Stem Cell, which operates in Wrocław Technology Park. According to the authors, this is the world\'s first such product.

Biotechnologist, founder of Vet Stem Cell Błażej Dolniak emphasised in an interview with PAP that work on the hydrogel preparation took a year, and was preceded by several years of research on growth hormone used in this product.

"I am often asked why the hydrogel can be used only for the treatment of wounds in animals. The answer is that using it in humans requires further research, it is not excluded in the future" - said the scientist.

He added that the hydrogel for animals had already been patented and was introduced to the veterinary market, it is also available at veterinary clinics.

Dolniak explained that the hydrogel adheres to the wound, forming a protective barrier, and the growth agent release is controlled and extended.

"The action of the hydrogel is based on strong scientific basis. Growth agent accelerates regeneration of damaged tissue by acting on receptors in the skin cells, so that the regeneration process is not accompanied by any side effects" - he noted.

He added that the preparation is hypoallergenic, tasteless and odourless, which ensures safety of its use.

The product is already used in the treatment of hard to heal wounds, open wounds with skin defects, epidermal and dermal abrasions, burns and bedsores, surgical wounds and coat damages.

Head of Vet Stem Cell added that the company is working on new formulations that can be used in regenerative veterinary medicine. This includes the treatment of degenerative joint diseases.

Dolniak is a graduate of the University of Wrocław. His company has been operating in Wrocław Technology Park for several years. He previously worked as a researcher abroad.

More than 200 companies employing around 1,600 people operate in Wrocław Technology Park. The Park’s main shareholder is the Municipality of Wrocław, and minority shareholders are Wrocław universities.

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