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Prometheus from AGH among the world's most powerful supercomputers again

Prometheus, Polish supercomputer Academic Computer Center Cyfronet AGH is in the 59th place of the latest TOP500 ranking of the world\'s most powerful supercomputers. Six other Polish supercomputers are also in the ranking.

The TOP500 ranking of the world\'s largest computing machines in the world is published twice a year. Latest results were announced in November at the conference Supercomputering\'16 in Salt Lake City in the United States.

The world\'s fastest supercomputer is Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight. The ranking is dominated by supercomputers from China and the US. Each of these two countries has 171 computers in the ranking.

Among Polish supercomputers, the highest, 59th place went to Prometheus, built by Hewlett-Packard according to the specification developed by Cyfronet AGH. Prometheus, with the computing power of 2.4 Pflops (petaflops) is currently the fastest supercomputer in Poland. It is one of the largest installations of this type in the world and also the first in Europe, based on the latest direct liquid cooling technology. The supercomputer is used, among other things, to run numerical simulations, advanced visualizations and analyses of massive data sets.

"Thanks to the innovative direct liquid cooling technology, Prometheus is one of the most energy-efficient computers in its class in the world. Its energy efficiency matches the systems of the world\'s largest data centres, such as Google or Facebook. Liquid cooling allows for an extremely high density of installation, so the computing part, weighing more than 30 tons, occupies an area of only 18 sq. m and just 20 cabinets. To achieve the same parameters, the predecessor of Prometheus - Zeus would have to be housed in 160 cabinets" - explained director of Cyfronet AGH, Prof. Kazimierz Wiatr.

In addition to Prometheus, six other Polish supercomputers have been included in the ranking. In the 110th place was Hetman from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center; in 114th Tryton of the Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk. 131st place went to Okeanos of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical Modelling, University of Warsaw, in the 205th place was Bem - Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing, Wroclaw University of Technology, in the 382nd place the supercomputer of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical Modelling, and the 400th place went to the supercomputer of the National Centre for Nuclear Research.

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