Popularizers of Science wanted! New edition of competition launched

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The 18th edition of the Popularizer of Science has been launched. The competition awards people, teams and institutions that explain scientific problems and help others better understand the world. Candidates can be proposed until September 18. The winners will be announced in December.

The purpose of the competition organized annually by PAP-Science in Poland and the Ministry of Education and Science, is to honour people, teams and institutions that promote science in Poland, help others better understand the phenomena occurring around us, present the latest research results, share scientific knowledge and passion. The competition awards science promotion activities addressed to people who are not professionally related to the promoted area of knowledge.

The competition has been organized since 2005 by the website PAP-Science in Poland, published by the Foundation of the Polish Press Agency and financed from the funds of the 'Science for the Public' programme of the Ministry of Education and Science. It is the oldest and most prestigious competition in Poland, which awards scholars, media people, institutions and social activists, whose passion is to share knowledge and uncover the mysteries of modern science.

In this year's 18th edition of the competition candidates can be proposed until 23:59 on September 18 by completing the form available on THIS page. The competition rules are available on THIS page.

Science promotion activities lasting at least two years can be nominated. People who have at least a doctoral degree compete for the award in the Scientist category. The Animator category is for persons who do not hold a degree or title in science, for example students and doctoral candidates, administrative staff of universities. In the Team category, the competition is between teams of people who promote science (formed, for example, by scientists, science promotion animators, Science promotion clubs, people working on joint science promotion projects, science animators in museums and similar institutions). The Institution category was created for scientific institutions (research institutes, universities), non-scientific organizations (non-governmental organizations, science centres) and private companies. Journalists, media editorial teams, bloggers and teams that create websites will compete in the Media category.

It is also possible to nominate candidates who have already won the competition, presenting their activity in a later period.

Approved candidates will be evaluated by the jury composed of representatives of the scientific community, science promoters, and the website PAP-Science in Poland. The jury is chaired by Professor Michał Kleiber, Vice-President of the European Academy of Science and Arts, former president of Polish Academy of Sciences, former Minister of Science and Information Technology and one of the initiators of the competition. 

The members of the jury also include Professor Magdalena Fikus - science promoter, co-organizer of the Warsaw Science Festival; Robert Firmhofer - director of the Copernicus Science Centre, editor Krzysztof Michalski - science journalist of Polish Radio, Dr. Robert Mysłajek - biologist and science promoter, a representative of the editorial board of PAP - Science in Poland, as well as Dariusz Aksamit - March for Science and the Science Advocates Association activist, Professor Wojciech Dindorf - a retired teacher who has been promoting science for over 65 years; Dr. Ireneusz Kaługa from the EcoLogical Group; Professor Andrzej Katunin, who promotes such issues as fractal geometry, Iwona Keda from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn, Dr. Magdalena Osial from the University of Warsaw - author of the projects 'Manufacture of Scientists' and 'Fluffy Science'; Dr. Piotr Sułkowski from the University of Warsaw, known for the "Ask a Physicist" project; Michał Szydłowski (Mr. Korek), who runs scientific shows for schools and during science festivals; Professor Przemysław Wojtaszek from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań - originator and main organizer of the nationwide event 'Night of Biologists'.

The jury will select the winners in five categories and the Grand Prize winner. It can be a science promoter (a person, team or institution) nominated in any competition category.

The winners will be announced in December 2022.

PAP - Science in Poland will present the profiles of the finalists. “We describe the activity of the finalists to present the best practices of science promotion. Let how what the best do - and how they do it - inspire further people and institutions, representatives of other areas of science, cities and regions. PAP - Science in Poland as a website publishing articles about science and research, encourages scientists to engage in science promotion and creates a space where this activity can be presented,” said Anna Ślązak, chief editor of PAP - Science in Poland, who participates in the organization of the competition and evaluation of candidates.

Previous winners of the competition include: philosopher of nature Fr. Professor Michał Heller, neuroscientist Professor Jerzy Vetulani, author of popular science television programs Wiktor Niedzicki, promoter of astronomy Karol Wójcicki, authors of the website 'Nauka o klimacie', the duo 'Crazy Nauka', as well as institutions such as the Copernicus Science Centre, Polish Academy of Kids and the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. (PAP)

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