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Gdańsk researchers create interactive game to promote Polish language

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A new online game has been created to promote the Polish language.

Entitled Tropem nadbałtyckich tajemnic ('On the Trail of the Baltic secrets’), the game by the Institute of Polish Language of the Faculty of Languages at the University of Gdańsk is aimed at foreigners living in Poland and learning Polish but “is available to all those interested in the culture and history of Gdańsk.”

Initially designed for Slavic language students from Istanbul University, players can walk the streets of Gdańsk, solve quizzes, collect trophies and learn Polish. 

According to Gdańsk University: “The mission is to find Neptune's trident hidden by Mercury. The game takes players to the shore of the Baltic Sea, presents selected cultural institutions of Gdańsk, important cards from the history of the city and attractive, non-obvious places on its cultural map.”

The game has been developed as part of a project co-financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) in the 'Promotion of Polish Language' programme. 

The leader of the team of scientists involved in the project is Dr. Beata Jędrzejczak, and the team members are: Anna Reglińska-Jamioł from the Institute of Polish Language of the Faculty of Languages and Dr. Wacław Kulczykowski from the Faculty of Historical. 

The project's partner is Seyyal Kӧrpe Kemer from the Istanbul University (Turkey).

The game's promotional materials have been created during the Art of Advertising vourse taught by Dr. Beata Jędrzejczak. 

The authors of advertising materials are: Paula Albecka, Julia Kalima and Anna Sapowicz (first-year students of complementary master's studies) and graphic artist Michał Sapowicz.

The game can be played here for free: www.tnt.ug.edu.pl

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