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Poznań University of Technology team wins Spaceport America Cup

Credit: www.facebook.com/putrocketlab Credit: www.facebook.com/putrocketlab

The RocketLab team from the Poznań University of Technology took first place in one of the categories in the international rocket engineering competition Spaceport America Cup in the United States.

The team announced the success on social media. 'We got it! We won 1st place in the most demanding 30k SRAD Hybrid/Liquid category of the Spaceport America Cup. We would like to thank the University, our partners and all of you for the invaluable support we received from you. It would not be possible without you,’ the students wrote.

The team from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology took 2nd place in the 10k SRAD Hybrid category.

The team from Poznań presented their HEXA 4 rocket in the United States. The competition launch took place on June 22. 'After less than 7 seconds of flight, it reached its maximum speed of 483 m/s, which is over 1700 km/h!,’ the students reported.

'The proprietary Broomstick 2+ engine allowed it to achieve launch g-force G of 11G. The conditions were difficult due to the high wind speed, bordering on the permissible limits set by the competition organizers. Due to these circumstances, at the launch we decided to fill up with less oxidant. Hexa reached the ceiling of almost 8.5 km (27,808 ft)’ the team said.

According to the team, strong gusts of wind at high altitudes most likely caused slight damage to the parachute, which was anticipated during the design phase. 'Thanks to this, our recovery team found the entire rocket, which, after inspection by the judges, was rated +no damage+,’ they said.

In the 10k SRAD Hybrid category, the second place went to young engineers from the PWr in Space science club (Wrocław University of Science and Technology), who presented the R5 Aurora rocket with a hybrid propulsion, the university announced on its website.

The competition consisted of lifting the rocket - powered with a proprietary hybrid fuel engine - to exactly 10,000 feet (about 3,048 m). For each meter above or below the ceiling, the team received penalty points.

The competition took place in Las Cruces, New Mexico. (PAP)

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