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Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański's space mission could take place in 2024

07.12.2022. Sławosz Uznański. PAP/Rafał Guz 07.12.2022. Sławosz Uznański. PAP/Rafał Guz

The space mission of the Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański could take place in 2024, the Minister of Agriculture and Tourism Waldemar Buda told PAP. He added that the basis for the agreement was Poland's increased contribution to the ESA by several hundred million euros.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Poland and ESA are 'considering options to enable flight' into space for Sławosz Uznański. 'Details will be released once an agreement has been reached with all parties, including the international partners of the ISS,’ the ESA announced.

Buda told PAP: ‘’This mission would take place in 2024. All preparations for it are ahead of us. Poland must formalize cooperation with ESA on new terms. We also need to communicate with our American partner who will participate in this mission.’

According to Buda, soon 'there will be a detailed program on how the Polish side would prepare for this. But first let us settle his participation (Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański's participation in the space mission - PAP), and finally, later, we will plan his preparation for this mission,’ he said. 

He added: ’I have submitted a letter of intent in which I indicated a significant increase in our participation in the ESA contribution - this is the basis for discussion on the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with ESA - both the participation of our astronaut in a space mission and cooperation on the development of Polish enterprises.

‘We have proposed a significant increase in the contribution, by several hundred million euros.’

The Minister of Agriculture and Tourism told journalists that Poland was talking to the European Space Agency about the participation of a Polish astronaut in the mission, but also about the participation of Polish companies in the development of the space industry. Minister Buda said he hoped that the agreement would be concluded in July. (PAP)

author: Magdalena Jarco

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