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Researcher creates anti-slouching glasses

Credit: Warsaw University of Technology Credit: Warsaw University of Technology

A student of the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology has developed an add-on for glasses, which signals that the person working at the desk has changed their position into an incorrect one.

The prototype solution is designed for people who spend a lot of time at the desk and do not always remember to maintain the correct posture. The device can help future users develop the habit of sitting properly, says the inventor Krystian Gostomski at the university’s Faculty of Physics.

The prototype consists of a set of detectors that register changes in the user's posture. Their connection and joint operation is possible thanks to the calibration and adjustment of the device. It is important that the mechanism is neither too sensitive nor allows the sitter to get to the point at which they begin to slouch.

The secret lies in the proper calibration of the device. The scientific supervisor of the project, Dr. Marcin Kryński suggested how to use an artificial intelligence algorithm.

'We teach the neural network and +tell it+ when it is dealing with slouching, and when it is with an upright position. The network uses and sends the data to sensors and signalling devices that detect an incorrect position. The users should adjust the settings of the device to themselves, among other things, determine the range of the proper position so that the device does not trigger an alarm with small movements,’ he says.

In his opinion, in the future it should be possible to consult settings with a physiotherapist. The author hopes to commercialise his idea and presents his solution, for example as part of the Explory 2023 Festival for young scientists and researchers organized by the Foundation for Advanced Technologies.

During the regional stage in Warsaw, Gostomski received the Audience Award. He was selected in the online poll #biletnafinal and was one of this year's finalists, joining the group of talents selected by the jurors. 36 projects will take part in the final, national stage of the competition for talented young researchers. The finals will take place in autumn, during Gdynia Explory Week. (PAP)

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