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Szymon Zdziebłowski

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  • Credit: J. Czerniec

    6,000 year-old ritual and ceremonial roundels discovered in Kuyavia

  • The range of the studied burial mound in Cheia, Dobrogea. Credit: Șt. Georgescu

    Wolf skull found in grave robber's dig was meant to protect thieves from wrath of the dead, say archaeologists

  • The final stage of conservation work in the house of the Zuñiga Family, 2019. The photo shows art restorer Arkadiusz Maciej. Credit: Katarzyna Radnicka

    Centuries old paintings of Guatemalan dancers and guitarists restored by Polish experts

  • Credit: PAMA

    First Polish excavations in India to start in 2024. Target: ancient intercontinental port

  • Roundel in Drzemlikowice near Oława with visible remains of older and younger archaeological objects. Credit: Piotr Wroniecki

    Twenty-five years after discovery of 'Polish Stonehenge' we now know about 20 other such structures

  • A Syrian Antioch coin found in Apsaros, countermarked by Legio X Fretensis. Credit: Piotr Jaworski

    Georgia/Polish scientists: Legio X Fretensis was stationed at Apsaros in Colchis

  • Woolly rhinoceros, credit: Tatiana Kozyk

    Scientists from all over Europe to study extinct woolly rhinos

  • At first glance, the flour residue looked like ash. Credit: Patryk Okrajek

    Armenia/ Large amounts of flour residue discovered in 3,000 years old building

  • Credit: D.F.Wieczorek, Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw

    Discovery of blocks with hieroglyphic inscriptions in Old Dongola could move city's history back 1,000 years