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  • Adobe Stock

    Scientists measure individual human brain cells in action

  • Source:

    How social signals at cellular level affect nematode reproduction

  • Credit: Maciej Majdecki, luminescent_chemist

    Molecular tailors sew nano-snowflakes for more efficient solar cells

  • Long-eared bat. Credit: Professor Jens Rydell

    Polish bats are not afraid of moonlight

  • Photo: Leszek Możdżer played two pianos during the Nowe Obroty festival: a classically tuned piano (left) and a decaphonic piano (right). Source: Nowe Obroty press release.

    Octave divided into 10 parts. Scientists prepare decaphonic piano for jazz legend Leszek Możdżer

  • Photo: Robopteryx built by scientists shows off its 'proto-wings' to a grasshopper. Credit: Jinseok Park, Piotr Jablonski et al.

    Where did wings come from? Early plumage may have been used by dinosaurs to rouse prey

  • Credit: Adobe Stock

    Rewetting peatlands brings real economic benefits, says hydrologist

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    Bacteria and their viruses: Arms race halted for millennia

  • Credit: Adobe Stock

    Scientists investigate the physics of mouse interactions