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NASK partners with European project to create quantum computer

Artistic vision of a quantum computer, AI-generated, Adobe Stock Artistic vision of a quantum computer, AI-generated, Adobe Stock

The NASK National Research Institute has become one of 18 partners of the EPIQUE project, the aim of which is to create a quantum computer based on photonics.

The development of quantum computers is still at the prototype stage, and scientists point to at least several development paths. One of them is a solution based on photonic technologies and the use of photons as qubits. The EPIQUE (European Photonic Quantum Computer) project will explore the potential of such solutions.

The EPIQUE project (to which the European Commission allocated over EUR 10 million) is one of six projects that are to lead to the creation of a European quantum computer as part of the Quantum Flagship initiative, established by the European Commission in 2018. Its budget is approximately EUR 1 billion. The leader of the consortium composed of 18 partners from 12 countries is the Sapienza University of Rome.

In addition to the Polish NASK institute, the project involves three research centres from Italy, France and Germany, as well as institutions from Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Czechia, Portugal and Denmark.

Find out more about the project on THIS website. (PAP)

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