Polish computer scientist announced as Chief Scientist at OpenAI

Open AI headquarters in San Francisco, California (USA) - view from the window. EPA/JOHN G. MABANGLO
Open AI headquarters in San Francisco, California (USA) - view from the window. EPA/JOHN G. MABANGLO

Jakub Pachocki will take up the position of chief scientist at OpenAI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence. The Polish computer scientist was responsible for creating the GPT-4 model, among other things.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced the change in the Chief Scientist position in an e-mail to employees.

Jakub Pachocki replaces Ilya Sutskever, the current Chief Scientist and co-creator of generative artificial intelligence, who is leaving the company to - as he announced - work on a 'personally meaningful' new project. Altman wrote online that it was 'very sad' for him because Sutskever was 'one of the greatest minds of our generation'.

The Polish computer scientist's task will be to manage the company's research, especially regarding deep learning systems (a part of machine learning in which artificial neural networks absorb large amounts of data) and the development of artificial intelligence.

'Ilya introduced me to the world of deep learning research, and has been a mentor to me, and a great collaborator for many years. His incredible vision for what deep learning could become was foundational to what OpenAI, and the field of AI, is today. I am deeply grateful to him', Pachocki wrote on X.

'Jakub is also easily one of the greatest minds of our generation; I am thrilled he is taking the baton here. He has run many of our most important projects, and I am very confident he will lead us to make rapid and safe progress towards our mission of ensuring that AGI benefits everyone', OpenAI CEO wrote on the company's website.

'I'm honored to take on this new role. (...) I'm excited to build on the foundation laid by Ilya and the entire OpenAI team, and I'm committed to driving progress in AI research and development', Pachocki said in a statement.

The new Chief Scientist has been working at OpenAI since 2017. He held several important positions in the company, including head of the Deep Learning Team and Director of Research spearheading the development of GPT-4. He graduated in computer science from the University of Warsaw and holds a PhD in theoretical computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, Jakub Pachocki is also a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University, where he designs algorithms, including those for machine learning applications.

Pachocki is not the only Pole holding high positions in OpenAI. Others include Wojciech Zaremba (co-founder of the company), Szymon Sidor, one of the leading researchers in the GPT-4 project, and Aleksander Mądry, head of Preparedness - the team responsible for artificial intelligence safety. (PAP)

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