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More than 60 candidates in the 10th edition of the Science Populariser competition

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67 candidates have been submitted to the Science Populariser 2014 competition. Among them are scientists and popularization animators, institutions that promote science, journalists and media, science websites and companies that allocate resources to promoting knowledge. Winners will be announced on December 8 at a gala in Warsaw.

Science Populariser competition is organized by PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It awards individuals and institutions that help others better understand the world and make them interested in scientific developments.

According to the new rules of the current edition, the jury, chaired by the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences Prof. Michał Kleiber, will evaluate candidates and select up to three candidates in each category, who will go to the finals. Nominees in the main categories will be presented by PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland starting mid-November.

Winners in each category will be selected by the jury from among the nominees. Their names will be announced during the gala on December 8 in Warsaw.

This year, the winners will be selected in four basic categories: Individual populariser (with separate sub-categories for scientists and popularization animators); Scientific institution; Non-scientific institution, and Media. The jury may also grant prestigious special award.

Two prizes will also be awarded in the following categories: Science on the Internet for online popularising activity, and Popularisation Sponsor for the company or person who financially supports the popularisation activity.

The Individual populariser award for scientists will be the most difficult to win this year. As many as 1/3 of all candidates in the competition compete in this category.

In the anniversary 10th edition of the competition, the winners in all categories will receive statuettes.

The competition "Science Populariser", organized by PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, is the oldest and most prestigious competition in Poland, which awards scholars, media people, institutions and social activists, whose passion is to share knowledge and uncover the mysteries of modern science in a manner accessible to everyone. The first competition was held in 2005.

Previous winners of the competition include: co-founder of the Warsaw Science Festival, Prof. Magdalena Fikus, author of popular science television programs ed. Wiktor Niedzicki, archaeologist Prof. Andrzej Kokowski, as well as institutions such as the Copernicus Science Centre, Polish Academy of Kids and the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology.

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