Wrocław/ Students have built shelters for refugees

Habitat structures, which could provide shelter for refugees or victims of natural disasters, have been constructed and built by Polish and Dutch students. The project was completed in Wroclaw as part of the Summer School of Architecture.

On Saturday, they presented four residential structures built as a result of a three-week workshop. The workshop participants were 30 students from Wroclaw University of Technology and Dutch Delft University of Technology.

Jerzy Łątka, doctoral student at Wroclaw University of Technology and originator and co-host of the Summer School of Architecture told PAP that the aim of the project was to design and build the so-called living unit, which is a basic residential unit. "These structures could be used as shelters for refugees, victims of natural disasters, or simply people in a very difficult financial situation" - said Łątka.

Habitat structures are made of various materials. They include wood and various types of artificial materials. Shelters must provide the minimum living conditions for their residents.

As part of the workshop, participants also developed a house, the basic building material of which is cardboard. The "House of cards" has already won a prize in the competition FutuWro organized in the framework of the European Capital of Culture. The competition theme was the vision of the city of the future. This work will be shown in the autumn in the city of Wrocław.

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