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Farmer finds rare Únětice culture treasure while clearing stones from his field

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A farmer clearing stones from his filed has stumbled upon a rare collection of daggers and axes dating back to 2,300 - 1,600 BCE.

Included among the haul thought to come from the Únětice culture were three dagger-axes, three bronze daggers, an axe, a chisel and a hatchet.

Norbert Burzyński from the Gorzów Wlkp delegation of the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments said the find was extremely rare and proves the great value of the discovery for cultural heritage.

He added: “It is worth commending the exemplary attitude of the finder, who immediately notified the relevant authorities and ceased further activities that could lead to the destruction of archaeological monuments and the cultural layer.”

The discovery is the latest in a series of archaeological finds in the northern part of the Lubusz province. year. 

In January, a resident and his son found a bronze bracelet on a sloping escarpment in the commune of Bogdaniec.

During the following archaeological work, researchers found a deposit of Lusatian culture (1300 - 400 BCE) artefacts: bronze ornaments and parts of a horse's harness, placed on a broken vessel. 

In total, the treasure consisted of 220 bronze items, including six bracelets, five necklaces, a four-piece breastplate, a plate clasp and shields, rings, ornaments and bronze items that could be parts of a horse's harness. 

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