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Researchers develop innovative powder varnishes

Barbara Pilch-Pitera. Photo from press release Barbara Pilch-Pitera. Photo from press release

Researchers have invented powder varnishes cured in low temperature or under UV radiation which protect the surface of materials with low thermal resistance, such as wood, MDF boards and composites.

Research team leader Dr. Barbara Pilch-Pitera from the Rzeszów University of Technology said the varnishes are also environment friendly as the varnishes have zero emissions of volatile organic compounds, they generate much less waste, and are more efficient than currently-used varnishes. 

She said: “These materials can not be finished with classic powder coating because they may be damaged under curing conditions, at temperatures of 180 to 200°C. 

“At present, high-emission liquid products are used for this type of applications.”

The project which received a grant of nearly PLN 200,000 from the Podkarpackie Centre for Innovation in Rzeszów, was presented during the Forum of Modern Painting Technologies in Arłamów. This annual meeting attracts Polish and foreign researchers, manufacturers and practitioners, professionals from the powder painting industry.

Krzysztof Stańko from the Podkarpackie Centre for Innovation said that the invention met with enthusiastic response of painters interested in painting furniture boards. 

He said: “They look forward to the further development of the invention towards the start of mass production.”

The grant scheme of the Podkarpackie Centre for Innovation is financed from EU funds.

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