Poland’s scientists among the world's most cited researchers

04.12.2019. Professor Piotr Ponikowski. PAP/Aleksander Koźmiński
04.12.2019. Professor Piotr Ponikowski. PAP/Aleksander Koźmiński

Two of Poland’s leading scientists have been included in a ranking of the world’s most Highly Cited Researchers 2022.

Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University, Professor Piotr Ponikowski who  has invariably been included in the prestigious ranking since 2016, was once again named along with Warsaw’s Professor Piotr Rutkowski.

Professor Stefan Anker from Charité - Berlin University of Medicine, and who is also a visiting professor of the Wrocław Medical University, was also included. 

Professor Ponikowski who is a cardiologist, director of the Institute of Heart Diseases of the Wroclaw Medical University and the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, said: ”I watch changes in the ranking with interest. I am glad that Polish doctors are consistently represented. 

“I have a lot of respect for Professor Piotr Rutkowski and I think that it is not by chance that cardiology and oncology have been reflected in citations. 

“These are the most serious health challenges that medicine is currently facing.”

He added: “This list is consistent with a trend that we have recently noticed at the Wroclaw Medical University. It shows the growing position of the university in international rankings - first place in Poland in THE World University Rankings, position on the Shanghai list, a recently published TOP 2% list prepared by Stanford University that includes nearly 30 representatives of the Wroclaw Medical University. 

“This is a series of activities that show that we do significant and noticed science. This is extremely important to me, because the pursuit of excellence in the field of science is one of the priorities of this term.

“Innovative treatment methods are developed in our institution. In November this year, specialists from the Institute of Heart Diseases performed the first left ventricular targeted biopsies in Poland using an electrophysiology system. 

“The procedures were performed under the supervision of Professor Carsten Tschope from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, a world-renowned expert in this field and a visiting professor at the Institute of Heart Diseases of the Wroclaw Medical University.”

PAP - Science in Poland, Roman Skiba

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