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Warsaw to host 1st World Congress of Polish Education and Science Abroad in July

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Meetings with scientists and experts who promote Polish science and education around the world are planned during the 1st World Congress of Polish Education and Science Abroad, which will be held on July 5-9 in Warsaw. The schedule includes panel discussions, popular science lectures, workshops and training sessions.

The Congress organiser is the St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Institute for the Development of the Polish Language. The co-organisers of the event are: the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad and the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tomasz Rzymkowski said: “We call on representatives of educational communities - teachers, people involved in the development and maintenance of Polish national identity abroad - to take part in this important event (...). We are seeing a very dynamic increase in interest in learning the Polish language and Polish history among Polish communities abroad. We are very happy about this.”

Director of the Institute for the Development of the Polish Language Professor Jacek Gołębiowski expressed his hope that the congress could 'bring integration of educational communities'.

He said: “We happy to see that there is a lot of interest in the Congress. The innovation introduced by the Kolbe Institute is that the congress formula allows us to listen to the voice of teachers, headmasters, representatives of the Polish community abroad and - based on panel discussions - introduce conclusions to the Institute's action plan.”

He added: “We have invited a group of 50 volunteers from abroad to the congress. They are graduates of Polish schools, Polish high schools, who receive Polish education and who work as assistants in Polish schools.”

The programme of the Congress includes a substantive and training part as well as a cultural and educational part. Planned activities include panel discussions, popular science lectures, didactic workshops and methodological training. There will also be meetings with scientists, educators and experts working for the development of Polish science abroad and promoting Polish and Polish diaspora education around the world.

People who work for Polish education and science abroad may apply for participation in the Congress: teachers, leaders and representatives of Polish diaspora organizations, parents of students of Polish diaspora educational institutions, volunteers, representatives of universities outside Poland where Polish language or other subjects in Polish are taught, scholarship holders and lecturers.

Link to the form: https://forms.orpeg.pl/index.php/797213?lang=pl. (PAP)

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