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Mr. Photon has a chance to enter the market

Marcin Joka, Michał Bogucki, Michał Grześ and Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk with the robot Photon. Source: Białystok University of Technology Marcin Joka, Michał Bogucki, Michał Grześ and Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk with the robot Photon. Source: Białystok University of Technology

Mr. Photon, a small robot integrated with a mobile application that teaches kids programming, has been winning the hearts of children testing it. Now, with the support of an investment fund and Białystok university, the invention of Białystok University of Technology students have a chance to conquer the market.

"Popular +Mr. Photon+ wins the hearts of all who had the opportunity to participate in the first test. Photon offers three levels: learning, fun and multiplayer mode" - informs the Białystok University of Technology.

In the first mode, specially prepared application for mobile devices gives user tasks that develop logical thinking and teach the basics of programming. With the progress of the user’s competence, the robot also develops and reveals more skills. The second mode is fun. Children can create custom programs taking full advantage of the robot’s functions. The third mode is a multiplayer game. Young users can collaborate and compete with others in various competitions.

Project co-creators are Białystok University of Technology students: Michał Bogucki, Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk, Michał Grześ, Marcin Joka and Maciej Kopczyński - teacher in the Faculty of Computer Science, Białystok University of Technology.

Currently the team is working on their fourth prototype robot that will participate in a pilot program in primary schools. Xplorer Fund SA will invest money in its development. In turn, Białystok University of Technology will be an expert partner, supporting their students in activities in the education market. Letter of intent was signed on October 1 by the rector of Białystok University of Technology Prof. Lech Dzienis and project leader, student at the Faculty of Computer Science - Marcin Joka.

"The signing of the letter is a very important step in the implementation of our project. We are pleased while creating our own product, we can do it together with the University" - said Joka during a meeting at the Academic Business and Selected New Technologies Incubator of Białystok University of Technology. Michał Grześ emphasised that students want to create jobs and develop their business in Białystok.

"This project has a chance to become a commercial product. This is an example of practical use of knowledge" - said the rector of the university, Prof. Lech Dzienis and emphasised that the university will assist students also substantively.

Piotr Sławski, representing the Xplorer Fund SA emphasised that the robot had been created by "a great team of young, inspiring people". "We believe in this idea, and we see a real chance to implement it on a larger scale. The potential and capabilities for young people are clearly increasing from year to year. It is important to create the right environment for their development" - said Piotr Sławski.

Photon won this year\'s national finals of the largest technology competition for students Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 in the World Citizenship category. Earlier, the Photon team also triumphed in the local competition Podlasie Innovation Accelerator.

In June, Photon represented Białystok University of Technology at the "Greater Region Business Days 2015" organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In November, it will be presented at the Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies INNOVA 2015 in Brussels.

For more information on Mr. Photon visit: http://www.meetphoton.com/

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