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WULS-SGGW scientists produce innovative dried honey

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Scientists from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences have produced dried honey, which contains as much as 80 percent natural honey. The innovative product has the form of powder and can be an excellent ingredient in many food products and dietary supplements.

According to the WULS-SGGW promotion office, "dried honey was produced by a team of scientists from the Department of Food Engineering and Process Management of the Faculty of Food Sciences at WULS-SGGW: Dr. Katarzyna Samborska, Dr. Aleksandra Jedlińska, Dr. Artur Wiktor and Prof. Dorota Witrowa-Rajchert".

As noted in the release, while honey powder is already available, it contains only 50 percent natural product, and the rest is maltodextrin - an excipient with a high glycemic index (85-105), which is not recommended for diabetics, among others. The innovation of the product developed at the Warsaw university consists of replacing maltodextrin with another additive, nutriosis - a carrier with prebiotic properties that supports the digestive system.

Dr. Katarzyna Samborska, quoted in the WULS-SGGW release, explains that artificial honey with such parameters has been obtained by means of using dried air during spray drying, thanks to which the temperature of the material during drying was reduced from 80 to 50 degrees Celsius. This allowed for "reducing the carrier content".

According to release, powdered honey is excellent for confectionery, it is also suitable for meat products, for example as an additive to extend the shelf life of meatballs or pieces of meat. The new product is being tested at the Meat Technology Department. Research shows that honey can be added as an antioxidant or antibacterial ingredient.

Honey is used for the production of medicines, cosmetics and food products. However, natural honey is used in industry in small quantities due to the limitations associated with its viscosity, which makes washing production equipment difficult. Rapid crystallization is another problem. Therefore, using powdered honey is a perfect solution for the industry, although drying honey is not an easy task. (PAP)

author: Anna Wysoczańska

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