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Lodz university students win international comp with music composing app

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Students at the Lodz University of Technology have taken first place at the international Black Sea Science 2021 competition for their virtual music composer app based on machine learning.

Ewa Kłapcińska, Wiktor Kania and Mateusz Groblewski beat off stiff competition to take the top place with their app FriML. 

Organized by the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, the students went up against 69 works from 9 countries in the most popular category 'Information technologies, automation and robotic’. 

FriML is a music generation tool that uses machine learning algorithms, provided as a browser-based application. The app's clear interface allows the user to generate melodies of various musical genres, in various keys and for various instruments.

According to the students, their application has many potential uses and can be used, for example, by video game designers to add sound to their work. The solution allow users to generate new melodies with a few mouse clicks.

The app is based on recursive LSTM networks, used for tasks that require predicting data sequences based on certain context. This applies to text classification, speech and image recognition, sentence and music generation.

Over 100 specialists from 20 countries took part in the jury, which evaluated a total of 239 projects in five different categories. 

The FriML app can be tested at https://friml.netlify.app/. The demo version generates melodies that last for a few seconds and can only be saved in MIDI format. (PAP)

author: Agnieszka Grzelak-Michałowska

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