Polish programmer among Women Who Code's 100 Technologists to Watch

Credit: Rita Łyczywek
Credit: Rita Łyczywek

Polish programmer Małgorzata Rita Łyczywek has been named one of the 100 most important women in the world of technology, according to the international organisation Women Who Code.

A software engineer at Wizards of the Coast and the author of the blog, Łyczywek writes about technologies and teaches programming in CODE:ME. She also does charity work, she is involved in helping Ukrainian refugees relocate to Poland.

Writing on her blog, she said: “I started my adventure with programming in college, by chance. Nothing boded good relations for us. I didn't want to code, the code didn't want to work. Today I can't imagine myself as anyone other than a programmer.”

Having studied bioinformatics, she added “that's why I have a great passion for the Python programming language.

“Professionally, since 2014, I have been creating websites, first as a web developer, then as a front-end developer. I now work as a software engineer on the backend side of the force.”

In one of her interviews, she talked about the stereotypical approach to the profession of a programmer, which - according to many - 'is not for women'. 

She told Marketing i Biznes: “The matter of myths is as interesting as it is complicated and harmful. My grandmother once told me that IT is not a field for a woman. I think there are a lot of girls who still hear such opinions, so there must be someone who will say, 'there is no profession that is not for you.”

Women Who Code is an international non-profit organization founded in 2011. Its mission is to inspire and support women in career development in the tech industry. The organization offers professional training, meetings and scholarships, as well as networking and mentoring. It also provides job placement for coding specialists.

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