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Improved air quality saved at least 25,000 Polish lives, new study finds

At least 25,000 Poles are alive thanks to improved air quality between 2018-2022, according to analysis conducted by the European Clean Air Centre.

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    Mind wandering supports creativity, says scientist

    For about 40 percent of the time we are not focused on what we are currently doing and our attention appears to work less effectively, says a Polish scientist investigating ‘mind wandering’. But, he adds that “mind wandering supports creative thinking”.

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    Wrocław professor is the highest-ranked Polish scientist in the field of medicine

    Cardiologist Professor Piotr Ponikowski, rector of the Wroclaw Medical University, advanced over 300 positions to be named the best Polish scientist in the field of medicine in the 2024 ranking.

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    For now, no machine can replace living human heart, says expert

    The first next-generation total artificial heart in Poland has been implanted by doctors from the Medical University of Warsaw. Although it has been improved, no machine can replace a living human heart, at least for now, says Professor Mariusz Kuśmierczyk, who performed the surgery.

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    Scientists from Military University of Technology to study gut microbiota of ISS astronauts

    Research that may influence the future nutritional strategies of astronauts staying in reduced gravity conditions will be carried out on the International Space Station (ISS) by the Military University of Technology. The HUMAN GUT MICROBIOTA experiment will examine microorganisms that inhabit the human digestive tract.

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    Artificial intelligence to help in contacts with dementia patients

    A Polish nurse has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for learning to communicate with dementia patients. For this idea, Adrian Nowakowski has been awarded a prestigious distinction by the Queen of Sweden - the Queen Silvia Nursing Award.

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    'Polish smog' is particularly dangerous for circulatory system, says expert

    Due to its physicochemical composition, 'Polish smog' is particularly dangerous for the circulatory system, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, says cardiologist Dr. Łukasz Kuźma. In his opinion, it is our 'new, infamous regional product'.

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    Polish researchers investigate causes of long COVID

    The lack of antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus doubled the risk of the so-called long COVID, an inter-university team of Polish scientists found. This discovery, which requires further confirmation, could potentially open new avenues for the prevention and treatment of this disorder.

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    Lifting heavy objects often will strengthen your abdominal muscles and your back will thank you, say experts

    Strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle eliminates pain in the lumbar spine, show biomedical engineers from the Silesian University of Technology. Have also calculated the lumbar loads when lifting objects, the weight of which, with incorrect body position, is several times greater than the body weight of the lifter.

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    Scientists from Poznań investigate Lyme disease in children

    Boys are more exposed to Lyme disease transmitted by ticks, found scientists and doctors from Poznań who investigated the disease in children from Wielkopolska. The environment in which children live may influence the risk of contracting the disease, they report.

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Polish algae experiment to be carried out on ISS

The International Space Station will be the staging area for an experiment with algae that naturally live near volcanoes. The experiment has been developed by a start-up founded by a doctoral candidate from the University of Warsaw. Algae are universal organisms that could be used in the future to produce oxygen for astronauts and perform other important tasks, scientists say.