Students of Lodz University of Technology design and build a wind turbine

Source: GUST Project
Source: GUST Project

Students of mechanical courses at Lodz University of Technology are working on the project and the construction of a small wind turbine. They are preparing its prototype for the most important European competition in the field of renewable energy sources, the final of which will take place in July in the Netherlands.

Lodz University of Technology spokeswoman Dr. Ewa Chojnacka told PAP that students of the Lodz university from the team GUST (Generative Urban Small Turbine) are working on the project, with which in March they qualified for the finals of the International Small Wind Turbine Contest (SWT), organized by the Dutch NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden.

She added that in the final top six the Lodz team will compete with teams from the best research centres in Europe specializing in renewable energy sources, including teams from Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK.

"Our turbine model with a horizontal axis of rotation and a rotor diameter of 1.6 m received high scores from the competition jury in the qualifying rounds. In July, our turbine will undergo a number of tests in the wind tunnel at Delft University of Technology. On the last day of the competition we will present our project to the audience and wind energy experts" - the students told PAP.

They are currently working on design optimisation and construction of the prototype, which will be presented in the finals of the competition. Lodz University of Technology students emphasized that the main objective is to select a solutions that can be directly marketed, and therefore scores are given for: safety, adaptation to urban areas, cost optimisation and full technical documentation needed for production.

"We want to make a real contribution, not only to the development of micro-wind energy, but also to the actual implementation of innovative ideas in life" - they noted.

The team GUST was established in October 2015. It brings together Lodz University of Technology students studying mechanical engineering at masters and engineering level. Its leader is Sebastian Dziomdziora, 1st year student majoring in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (second-degree studies at the International Faculty of Engineering). The work of the team is supported by young researchers: Dr. Maciej Karczewski, MSc. Michał Lipian, MSc. Piotr Wiklak from the Institute of Turbomachinery.

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