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Medical University of Warsaw joins international fertility preservation project

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The project in question is ERIN - Ethically Responsible INnovations in reproductive medicine.

The Medical University of Warsaw has joined an International team in trying to create an ethical framework for scientific and clinical work in the field of personalized reproductive medicine. 

In particular the project will look preimplantation genetic diagnostics and modern methods of fertility preservation, a new field of medicine called oncofertility.

Professor Piotr Laudański from the 1st Department and Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Centre for Women's and Newborn Health, Medical University of Warsaw will join the independent Advisory Board composed of five European universities - from Belgium, England, Hungary, Russia and Poland. 

He said: “A particularly interesting part of the project will be the analysis of fertility-saving methods in women undergoing chemotherapy. Currently, as part of a parallel project at Karolińska Institute (Sweden), advanced research is conducted on the development of the so-called artificial ovary intended to help young women undergoing chemotherapy to preserve fertility. Therefore, a discussion among experts on the application and ethical aspects of this type of methods is required.”

The project is financed under the Horizon 2020 programme.

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