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Ministry of Education and Science prepared information for students and scientists arriving from Ukraine

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The Ministry of Education and Science has prepared information for students and scientists arriving from Ukraine. It addresses the most important issues related to continuing studies and scientific careers in Poland. The information is available in Polish and Ukrainian languages.

'The Ministry of Education and Science information has been divided into several parts. The first part contains information on the possibility of continuing studies in Poland', we read in a release on the ministry's website.

The ministry advises that 'it is important to collect all education documents and then contact your choice to submit an application for admission to studies'. 'Each university defines its own procedures for transfers from a foreign university, and the transfer decision is taken by the rector', the ministry informs.

According to the release, 'validation of a degree is not required'.

Should information about a foreign degree be needed, an application should be submitted to the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). The application is available at https://nawa.gov.pl/en/recognition/how-to-obtain-a-recognition-statement.

A recognition statement can also be generated in the KWALIFIKATOR system:


The list of study programmes available in English is available at:


According to the Ministry of Education and Science, 'people arriving from Ukraine can continue their scientific career in Poland'. 'They do not need a permit or consent of the Labour Office. It is crucial to contact a university or scientific institute of choice', we read in the release.

Persons who continue their scientific work in Poland are subject to social security and health insurance. 'As part of your scientific work, you will have the same rights under your employment contract as Polish employees', the ministry informs.

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