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Foundation for Polish Science launches third competition for Polish-Ukrainian scientific projects

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The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has launched its third competition in the FOR UKRAINE programme. The deadline for applications is April 4, 2023.

Thanks to this initiative, scientists from Ukraine can establish cooperation with Polish researchers to undertake joint research. The programme was launched in March 2022.

Professor Maciej Żylicz, President of FNP said: “Faced with the brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine, we immediately decided to support our neighbours the best way we can, which is by funding scientific research. 

“We wanted to help Ukrainian researchers continue their scientific work interrupted or severely hampered by warfare. The interest in our programme has exceeded our wildest expectations, proving that this initiative was and is much needed not only in the short but also in the long term. In the context of securing Ukraine’s future and the promotion of research of momentous social importance, the initiative is crucial for Ukraine, Poland, and the entire region. 

“Therefore, despite the original plan to organize only two competitions, we decided to continue the programme.”

The programme is addressed to scientists with a doctoral degree, regardless of nationality, who on the day the war in Ukraine broke out (February 24, 2022) were working at institutions conducting scientific research in Ukraine, as well as scientists employed in institutions that conduct research in Poland.

The programme is open to pairs of scientists: one from Ukraine (regardless of their currently place of residence) and one employed in Poland. On their joint behalf, the application is submitted by the person working in Poland, together with the Polish scientific institution where the project will be implemented (host unit).

Topics of the projects submitted to the competition should include issues related to the development of civil society, democracy, European integration, or security. The projects must deal with matters of importance to both countries.

The budget for a one-year research project is PLN 268,800, which includes both salaries and research-related expenses. Three projects are expected to be selected for funding in the current competition. An international jury will evaluate the applications.

So far, the Foundation for Polish Science has held two calls for applications in the programme and awarded six grants.

The Foundation for Polish Science is also running a special collection for scientists from Ukraine at https://pomocukrainie.fnp.org.pl/ . Funds raised from the donations will be used exclusively to involve people from Ukraine to conduct projects in the FOR UKRAINE programme.

In addition, the programme gives institutions and companies the opportunity to form partnerships with the Foundation for Polish Science, aimed at improving the situation of Ukrainian researchers or enabling them to conduct scientific projects. (PAP)

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