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University of Warsaw launches Internet Recruitment of Candidates from Ukraine

Credit: PAP/Wojciech Pacewicz 19.08.2011 Credit: PAP/Wojciech Pacewicz 19.08.2011

The University of Warsaw and the Inter-University Centre for Informatisation have prepared an online recruitment platform for Ukrainians in Poland.

The nationwide Internet Recruitment of Candidates from Ukraine system helps candidates search for fields of study as well as job and volunteer work offers at Polish universities.

The system includes offers for those interested in beginning their studies as well as those looking to continue the studies they started in Ukraine. 

In addition, the service provides information about the possibility of participating in selected classes, starting education in doctoral schools or cooperation or work in Polish higher education and science institutions.

The admission process for Polish and Ukrainian citizens who fled the war in Ukraine, started after May 4, 2022. 

As many as 2,437 places were prepared solely for candidates from Ukraine, including 1,507 places for those who intend to start their studies at the University of Warsaw, and 930 places as part of transfer studies from Ukrainian universities.

The recruitment procedure for candidates from Ukraine will be simplified and will be based on registration in the Internet Recruitment of Candidates from Ukraine system.

The University of Warsaw said: “When documents necessary to apply for studies are lost because of the war, the applicant should deliver a statement, which will be followed by the examination by the admissions committee.”

It added that there is also the possibility of education that starts with the so-called 'zero year' to learn the Polish language, as well as abridged applications to avoid the need to unnecessarily wait for the official university pledge in order be authorised to apply for scholarships, allowances etc.

Available in Polish, Ukrainian and English at: ukraina.irk.edu.pl, the system is a result of the cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the Inter-University Centre for Informatisation (MUCI), supported by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (KRASP), and the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). 

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