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The First Coffee Energy Calculator Available in Polish

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How much energy can you get from different amounts of coffee, prepared in different ways, and how do they affect your attention at a given time of day? This is what the users of the Coffee Energy Calculator, the first such tool available in Polish, can learn.

The online counter was created on the basis of an algorithm created by scientists from the US Army, who conducted research for 10 years on soldiers suffering from notorious lack of sleep, adjusting a perfect dose of caffeine for them.

"The calculator - based on the work of American scientists - has been developed by a team of doctors from the Kraków start-up Omni Calculator. It shows what happens to the body depending on the number of hours of sleep and consumed doses of caffeine. With this tool, everyone can individually determine the moment of maximum +stimulation+ and optimise the amount of coffee drunk per day," says Natalia Nazim from the Kraków start-up.

According to her information, there are two such calculators in the world, and the one created in Kraków is the first such tool in Polish. "It`s easy to use, it`s free, you don`t have to register to use it," says Nazim.

To calculate your energy level, visit the calculator website ( and specify how long you slept, enter the time you woke up, and then decide what parameters you want to determine : alertness, response time, response speed. You should also select the type of caffeine drink you have drunk - in addition to different types of coffee, tea can also be selected.

The graph below the calculator will show the predicted alertness level, response time or response speed.

According to the creators of the calculator, about 40 percent American soldiers sleep only five hours a day (even less in combat conditions). This contradicts the recommendations of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, according to which a person needs about eight hours of sleep a day to fully regenerate. American scientists decided to conduct a study, in which they intended to determine a method to keep the army in excellent condition throughout the day. After 10 years of work, they created the appropriate equation.

In their study, they assessed the alertness of soldiers in seven different, more and more demanding conditions of daily sleep and rhythm disruption: from 5 hours of sleep per day to uninterrupted 85 hours without closing an eye. Soldiers received six different doses of caffeine: from placebo, through repeated doses of 200 mg, to a very large single dose of 600 mg.

Based on the results, the researchers formulated an equation that predicts the results (averaged for the group) of the test assessing alertness and psychomotor abilities of soldiers.

According to the researchers, the algorithm allows to improve alertness by 64 percent, while reducing caffeine intake by 65 percent. "Now you can predict when and how much caffeine you should drink to achieve your maximum level of alertness at the right time," argue the creators of the coffee calculator.

According to scientists, 400 mg of caffeine is the maximum safe daily dose. This amount of caffeine is in three cups of strong brewed coffee, five cups of espresso or 10 cans of coke.

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